The Humours of Lough Gowna…

Every month I or a guest musician post a video we’ve recorded for Whitby Folk Week. An easy way to share music and raise the profile of the festival. I love the festival. I’ve been going for 6 years. My wife’s family have been going for 50 years. I’m looking forward to returning in 2019. I’m just finalising what I’ll be doing there this year but there’ll hopefully some exciting flute news to share soon.

This Jig I learnt from the playing of Sligo flute legend Seamus Tansey. I call it the Humours of Lough Gowna. Gowna is small village in County Cavan in Ireland. It’s where my mum grew up and where she developed her love of music. There was always plenty of music in their house and Granny’s great friend ballad singer Margaret O’Reilly was a regular visitor. My mum passed that love of music on to me.

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