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The Turnpike Gate Reel for Whitby Folk Week #Tunesday

After a summer of fun researching and playing music in Asturias, Lorient and across England my tumble down the stairs in May finally caught up with me. I have a frozen shoulder which I will hopefully have fixed shortly but makes flute playing difficult. So I picked up the Tinwhistle at the last minute to make sure there was a #Tunesday tune for Whitby Folk Week. Here you go, The Turnpike Gate taken from the playing of the great Roger Sherlock on the album ‘Memories of Sligo’.

Speaking of albums, my recording is on hold until I get my shoulder fixed and working again. A good opportunity to get my head down for some serious PhD work, making sense of my work so far. Let me know what you think of the recording below.

Irish Flute Workshops with Michael Walsh Whitby Folk Week.

I’m delighted to be asked to run two Irish Flute workshops at Whitby Folk Week this year, 20th to 26th August 2016.¬†You can also join me in a session and I have an another special surprise to announce shortly. More details to follow shortly.