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The Turnpike Gate Reel for Whitby Folk Week #Tunesday

After a summer of fun researching and playing music in Asturias, Lorient and across England my tumble down the stairs in May finally caught up with me. I have a frozen shoulder which I will hopefully have fixed shortly but makes flute playing difficult. So I picked up the Tinwhistle at the last minute to make sure there was a #Tunesday tune for Whitby Folk Week. Here you go, The Turnpike Gate taken from the playing of the great Roger Sherlock on the album ‘Memories of Sligo’.

Speaking of albums, my recording is on hold until I get my shoulder fixed and working again. A good opportunity to get my head down for some serious PhD work, making sense of my work so far. Let me know what you think of the recording below.

‘Dr. Dalrymple’s Fancy’…From Sligo to Asturias, A Musical Voyage Along The Atlantic Arc. New Album Update from Michael Walsh.

I had a productive few evenings in the studio with Michael McGoldrick recording my new Wooden Flute Album; ‘Dr. Dalrymple’s Fancy’, From Sligo to Asturias, A Musical Voyage Along the Atlantic Arc.  It had been a good while since I’d recorded and Michael was great at settling me in and encouraging me to the enjoy the process. We decided to use click tracks for the guide tracks. This took some getting used to but they are useful when it comes to mixing and recording other musicians who will contribute their talents at a later date. Confirmed guests include David Kosky (The Mystery Inch) on Guitar, Ciarán Boyle (Last Night’s Fun, Skyhook) on Bodhrán and Michael McGoldrick.


I’ve got six guide tracks recorded and some lovely musicians lined up. I’ve been in Asturias carrying out fieldwork for my PhD in Ethnomusicology in the last few weeks. I’ve met some fabulous musicians and singers. I’m delighted to have secured the services of an Asturian singer who will melt your heart. I hope to be back in the studio in Manchester when I return to England in August. I’ll update you on guests when they’ve finished their contribution.



I’m intending to release the album myself but if there is a record label out there interested in working with me, do get in touch at mpwalsh1@sheffield.ac.uk

Here’s the first track recorded straight to vinyl with www.latherevival.com. Thanks to Amanda Lewis (Fiddle) and Paul Daly (Flute) for their contribution.


Whitby Folk Week Facebook ‘Tunesday’ Music Videos.

A few months ago I was asked by my good friend Sally Smith to help promote The Whitby Folk Week by ‘curating’ a series of videos,posted monthly on their Facebook page, of musicians playing tunes that you might hear at Whitby Folk Week. The ‘not for profit’ Folk Week happens towards the end of August every year when the small Yorkshire seaside town is filled with folk enthusiasts playing tunes, dancing folk dances, telling stories, singing songs, attending concerts and catching up with fellow folkies.

I’m fairly new to Folk Week. It has always been a time of year where I was in Ireland for the All Ireland Fleadh or walking in the mountains of Asturias. My wife’s family have been attending and performing for much of the 50 years it has been running and so when we had family it became part of my tradition, largely carrying dance kitbags for my wife and pushing the children around in the buggy. I love the relaxed atmosphere of the town, Silver Street Fish and Chips, ice-cream at the sea front and sitting watching the North Sea from a beach hut.

A couple of years ago I was asked to run a Trad Irish Flute workshop, which I really enjoyed and last year I got time to get out in the evening to a few of the Irish pub sessions. The highlight of the sessions for me was a tune at The Granby Hotel organised by Whitby bon vivant and bodhrán player extrordinaire, Mr Tommy Randall. It was first time Irish music had been played in there in 35 years. A change of regime and the energy of Tommy, created something special. I hope to keep some of the spirit of that going the videos as well as highlight other styles of music on offer such as English Dance Music and Eurosession.

Production standards are sometimes less than Hollywood standards, as I juggle work, playing, looking after my children and studying. But I’m slowly getting better at it and learning. By the time summer comes they could by looking swish. I hope to catch you for a tune along the way and if you want to add a video of you playing a tune please feel free.

Here’s some of the previous videos and look out for other monthly offerings such as: ‘Toesday’ – Dance videos, Pic-Tures-Day – Archive pictures, Troubaday – Songs and when there’s an extra Tuesday in the month there’s a surprise.

Tunesday is first Tuesday of the month: href=”https://www.facebook.com/groups/129958666651/?fref=ts”>

Further details of the Folkweek:


Mike Walsh playing The Beautiful Goldfinch Waltz (written by Marcus Hernon):

Mike Walsh playing The Killavil Jig:

Ciarán Boyle & Mike Walsh playing a festive Willie Coleman’s Jig at Flynn’s Pub, Sheffield. December 2015.

John Garner plays two French tunes:

Brogan McAuliffe & Mike Walsh playing ‘Trip to Birmingham’ by Josie McDermott, recording at The University of Sheffield Sound House. January 2016.

I’ll post further videos when I get permission and/or receive links.