‘Dr. Dalrymple’s Fancy’…From Sligo to Asturias, A Musical Voyage Along The Atlantic Arc. New Album Update from Michael Walsh.

I had a productive few evenings in the studio with Michael McGoldrick recording my new Wooden Flute Album; ‘Dr. Dalrymple’s Fancy’, From Sligo to Asturias, A Musical Voyage Along the Atlantic Arc.  It had been a good while since I’d recorded and Michael was great at settling me in and encouraging me to the enjoy the process. We decided to use click tracks for the guide tracks. This took some getting used to but they are useful when it comes to mixing and recording other musicians who will contribute their talents at a later date. Confirmed guests include David Kosky (The Mystery Inch) on Guitar, Ciarán Boyle (Last Night’s Fun, Skyhook) on Bodhrán and Michael McGoldrick.


I’ve got six guide tracks recorded and some lovely musicians lined up. I’ve been in Asturias carrying out fieldwork for my PhD in Ethnomusicology in the last few weeks. I’ve met some fabulous musicians and singers. I’m delighted to have secured the services of an Asturian singer who will melt your heart. I hope to be back in the studio in Manchester when I return to England in August. I’ll update you on guests when they’ve finished their contribution.



I’m intending to release the album myself but if there is a record label out there interested in working with me, do get in touch at mpwalsh1@sheffield.ac.uk

Here’s the first track recorded straight to vinyl with www.latherevival.com. Thanks to Amanda Lewis (Fiddle) and Paul Daly (Flute) for their contribution.


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